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Forced-air heating systems are effective for heating the entire house

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Forced-air heating systems are common heating systems, though they can have different fuel sources.

In a forced-air heating system, air that has been heated by a furnace or heat exchanger is distributed throughout a home's living space by a ductwork system. Supply ducts bring heated air to different rooms; return ducts pull cooled air back to the furnace or heat exchanger to be reheated. Supply and return ducts meet at a central air handler that contains a powerful fan for moving air through the ductwork.

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Efficient forced-air heating systems

forced-air heating system

A forced-air heating system gets its supply of heated air from an oil or gas-fired furnace, from a heat pump, or from an oil or gas-fired boiler. A forced-air heating system that relies on hot water is called a hydro-air system. During hot weather, the same ductwork system that circulates heated air can also circulate cooled air from a central air conditioner.

Forced-air systems are popular because they evenly distribute heat throughout the home based on the settings of one or two thermostats. The efficiency of a forced-air system is dependent upon the fuel source, however. At [company], we install highly efficient gas furnaces and boilers to provide the most energy savings.

Save money on your heating costs with an efficient forced-air heating system

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