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Cool technology. A high-efficiency boiler extracts so much heat from fuel that cooler flue gasses can be easily exhausted outside through a plastic pipe.

Have you been thinking about getting a new boiler? This can be a smart upgrade if your existing unit is more than 10 years old.

In a typical house, the energy consumed to heat water for washing or whole-house heating can account for hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year.

Keeping an old boiler in service usually isn’t a good idea – even if it is functioning perfectly. Contact [company] if you are in need of a new, high-efficiency boiler for your home in [major cities 1] or areas nearby!

High-efficiency boilers offer astonishing performance

An old-style boiler requires a chimney to safely vent hot combustion gasses to the exterior. The heat that indirectly goes up the chimney is wasted heat that doesn’t get used throughout the home. But a high-efficiency boiler extracts nearly all the heat from its fuel.

As a result, exhaust gasses are cool enough to be vented to the exterior through a plastic pipe. For this reason, these high-efficient boilers are also known as “direct-vent” boilers. A “sealed combustion” boiler is a direct-vent boiler that receives its combustion air from the exterior.

  • Most residential boilers are designed to burn oil, propane or natural gas.
  • A boiler can supply hot water for washing, for whole-house heating, or both. Dual-purpose boilers are referred to as “combi-boilers.”
  • The size of a boiler is described by its BTU (British thermal unit, a measure of heat) output. A medium-size boiler might have a 80,000 BTU rating.

A high efficiency rating is your promise of energy savings

An AFUE (annual fuel use efficiency) rating tells you how efficiently a boiler can convert fuel to heat. An old “natural venting” unit can operate anywhere in the 50% to 80% efficiency range.

The most efficient sealed combustion boilers can deliver heating efficiency as high as 94%. Replacing an old boiler with a new model makes a lot of sense if you plan to stay in your home for more than a few years or would like to live more comfortably.

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